Stewie Griffin To Reveal His Sexuality In Upcoming Episode Of 'Family Guy'

Stewie Griffin is going to reveal his sexual orientation to a therapist by the name of Dr. Pritchfield, played by Sir Ian McKellen, in an upcoming episode of Family Guy.

"It's just a two-character episode with Stewie in his therapist's office for the first time," executive producer Rich Appel told TVLine. "It's a wonderful episode, and Seth [McFarlane]'s performance is spectacular. They delve into all sorts of things you would think would come up in a therapy session with a boy like Stewie."

Even though there have been plenty of gay references tossed at Stewie in the long-running Fox show, the series has never blatantly tackled his orientation. Based on Appel's interview, it seems like the questions regarding his sexuality will come up "pretty immediately." "The episode covers that, and then goes to deeper issues for Stewie," he added.

There's no specific air date for the forthcoming episode, but Appel did reveal that it'll air sometime during the 16th season's premiere month. New episodes of Family Guy will begin airing on March 11. 


Photo: Getty Images


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