LexCon Interviews with Brittany Daniel and Thomas Ian Nicholas

I recently attended the annual Lexington Comic and Toy Con in Kentucky. Every year the event grows larger. This year they extended all the celebrity booths onto the Rupp Arena floor! Basically, you just stroll around and get into lines for the people you want to meet... some lines are longer than others, and some don't have any lines at all!

Jonathan Frakes for example, was packing up his things for the day when I approached him. I asked for a quick picture, and he was happy to take a second to chat. Frakes played a character on the long running show Star Trek the Next Generation back in the 90's.... as Commander Riker. I used to watch that show every week with my family, so it was pretty cool to get to chat with him, even for a quick second. More recently, Frakes directed several episodes of the TNT drama The Librarians.

See our photo below!

I also got pretty lucky and was able to talk to one of my favorite actresses, Brittany Daniel. You might know her from films like; Joe Dirt, White Chicks, Club Dread.... or TV shows like; It's always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Game, That 70's Show or Sweet Valley High. She's definitely made her mark in Hollywood, but it doesn't stop there. Now a days her and her identical twin sister, Cynthia, started a new blog called The Sweet Life by Brittany and Cynthia Daniel. It's a place to discover fashion, beauty, clean eating, fitness, personal growth and wellness, travel, home decor and parenting.

After my interview with Brittany, I got to chat with American Pie alum Thomas Ian Nicholas. He had a friend in his booth, Lani Sarem-- she wrote a book called Handbook for Mortals, which he is turning into a movie! The book is available now on Amazon!

Watch the video below to learn more about their upcoming film.

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