WHOA: 7 Year Old Girl Lives With Heart OUTSIDE Of Chest

Virsaviya "Bathsheba" Borun-Goncharova was born with her heart outside of her chest and just a thin layer of skin protecting it. 

She suffers from what's called thoraco-abdominal syndrome, which happens in less than 1 in one million births. When doctors saw her condition after she was born, they prepared her mother for the worst. 

Rather than worry, Virsaviya's mother saw her daughter as special. They moved from their native Russia to America to correct the condition but were told the surgery couldn't be performed because of problems with the girl's blood pressure. 

These days, Virsaviya doesn't go to school because it is too risky, but she is still able to be a little girl. She loves dogs, horses, Beyonce, and, even though it is dangerous, running. 

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