Gem City Shine hosted by Dave Chappelle- LAST DAY TO GET YOUR FREE TICKET


Onsale Registration

Dave Chappelle is coming to the Oregon District Stage in Dayton, OH for a free benefit show on August 25th, and he wants to make sure his fans have the best chance to get free tickets.

Tickets to this event are restricted to residents of Dayton, OH area only. You will not be able to redeem tickets, even if you receive a code, unless you are a legal resident of Dayton, OH area. 

After you’ve registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details on what to expect next.

Registration closes on Wednesday, August 21 @ 11:59PM ET.


Check the Verified Fan FAQ for more information and follow @Ticketmasterfor the latest #VerifiedFan news and announcements.


Ticketmaster Verified Fan keeps bots out of the ticket buying process. While Ticketmaster Verified Fan does not guarantee that every fan will get a ticket, it does make the ticket buying experience fairer by ensuring only other fans are competing for tickets. A simple registration is all it takes to get verified and have the opportunity to be invited to buy tickets.

All registered fans who are also verified will be equally eligible to participate in the Verified Fan Onsale. However, if demand for tickets from verified fans exceeds supply, verified fans may be selected at random to participate in the onsale. Due to the limited quantity of tickets available for the Dave Chappelle Onsale powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan, they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed. No purchase necessary to register

info gather from: ticketmaster/davechappelledayton


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