Gina Ferraro Speaks to Wright State University Students

I was so honored to be invited to speak at a couple of Professor Jenny Alexander's Wright State University classes. WSU is where I graduated from college, so it's always a treat getting to go back to campus. 

The first class I chatted with was an Organizational Leadership small group class in Allyn Hall. They were very interactive.... and asked a lot of questions. For more information on a degree at WSU in Organizational Leadership CLICK HERE.

My favorite question was "Who is the nicest celebrity and who's the worst celebrity you've every met"... I told them that the lesson in that questions is exactly why you want to be nice to EVERYONE you meet in life! Haha.

See photo below from my first class I spoke to:

The second class I spoke with was an Interpersonal Communications class in Fawcett Hall. I gave them a lot of the same advice I gave to the first class. One of the main things I talked to the students about was how they need to be careful with whatever they post on their social media. It's important for them to know that future employers may look at their social media accounts. So, be confidant that you're okay with anyone seeing the photos or rants you put in a public forum. 

Finally, I focused on the importance of persistence. It once took me 6 months of persistence to get my first job as a TV Entertainment News Reporter on NBC. The News Director later told me, "The only reason I'm giving you a shot is because you're the most persistent person I've ever met." 

I explained that there is a fine line between being persistent and being obnoxious-- and to find that happy medium. You want to be at the top of their mind, but do not annoy a potential employer.

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