Catfish's Nev Offers To Unite Dina Lohan With Boyfriend She's Never Met

Catfish's Nev Schulman may have potentially caught the biggest storyline on the hit television series to date! Dina Lohan , mother to the infamous actress Lindsay Lohan and current contestant on CBS' 'Celebrity Big Brother,' shared a startling confession that sent shockwaves through the twitter-sphere! Dina revealed that she's been dating a man for 5 years that she has not ever physically met in person...and they plan to get married! The couple have spoken on the phone, but have never Skyped or FaceTimed.

Dina spilled the status of her relationship to fellow housemates Kandi Burruss , Tamar Braxton and Natalie Eva Marie . All were in unanimous agreement that she was likely being 'catfished' and deceived by someone who is claiming to be a person that they are not. While social media went into an uproar, the mastermind behind MTV's hit 'Catfish: The TV Show' Nev Schulman chimed in offering his expert services to investigate the man Lohan plans to marry.

"YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME" tweeted the television host. "Let's do this."

In the video below watch Dina confess the astonishing details of her dating situation. Her housemates pressured her with questions she didn't seem to be able to confidently answer about why they've never met or if he's actually a real person. Lohan stated that she has mutual friends with him on Facebook, however she's not sure if those other friends have actually been in his physical presence. In response to that Kandi said "If she ain't met him...CAT-FISH."

She also shared that geographic distance has been an issue - he claims to live in San Francisco and can't hop on a plane due to caring for his mother full-time. Although she said she's had many trips to the west coast in the past couple years the two have not been able to connect. "It started slow we're just friends...and then it just like, it's changed a the past maybe 2 (years)."

After the seemingly embarrassing group conversation, Dina finished with saying "I'm here now and I could easily go there. And that's what I have to do."

Would you want to watch this storyline unfold on an upcoming episode of the show? If anything it would certainly provide some entertaining closure!

Photo: Getty Images