#STORMIWORLD left the rest world feeling straight up POOR

#STORMIWORLD left the rest world just feeling straight up POOR

Kylie took things to another level — or another world...#STORMIWORLD

What seemed like a G-rated version of #AstroWorld turned out to be Stormis 1st b-day party.

still processing the fact that Stormi's FIRST birthday party saw more money then i ever will in my whole life.

I'm talking amusement park rides, LIVE baby shark, huge slides, balloons, A- List celebrities right and left....

low Key..the umbrella pretzels were my absolute fave

oh and did i mentioned PERSONALIZED trashcans

OF COURSE- Kylie was instagramming the whole thang..reminding us once again of all the money we don't have!

Between Kylie's jet-setting life style,the countless hours of Instagram vids, being a multi-millionaire/Owner of Kylie Cosmetics, being a super mom to Stormi, touring with baby Daddy Travis Scott....who the hell is planning these extravagant parties and where can we sign up for this life?! #shookonceagain

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