Palace Bans Meghan Markle's Fave Designer From Using Photos Of Duchess

The Royal Family Attend Church On Christmas Day

The Royal Family Attend Church On Christmas Day

Well, this is awkward. Meghan Markle's favorite jewelry designer has been ordered to stop sharing images of the Duchess on her social media accounts. According to The Daily Mail, Buckingham Palace reached out to designer Jennifer Meyer after noticing she consistently posts pictures of Meghan wearing her jewelry. Apparently, Meyer is in breach of her non-disclosure agreement with the royals.

A source revealed to Daily Mail that "Jennifer Meyer has been told to remove the images and in no uncertain terms how damaging this could be for Meghan and the Royal Family." There are currently no photos of the Duchess on Meyer's Instagram account, so, she clearly listened to the Palace's demands.

For those scratching their heads and wondering why this is such a big deal, there's actually a pretty boring reason behind all this social media drama. The royal family doesn't want it to seem like Meghan is sponsoring a brand or being paid by Jennifer Meyer for wearing her designs. Members of the royal family don't accept free gifts from designers or brands and they definitely don't participate in social media spon con.

While Meyer's photos of the Duchess may seem harmless, there have been other instances when brands have used Meghan's likeness to promote their products. Shortly after Archie was born, two weigh loss supplement companies promoted their diet pills by claiming Meghan used them. Meghan, of course, was not using them or working with the brand and the palace quickly put the kibosh on their promotional campaigns. A royal source spoke with The Mirror at the time, saying, "this is obviously not true and an illegal use of the Duchess’ name for advertising purposes. We will follow our normal course of action."

Meghan isn't the only member of the royal family whose likeness has been used to falsely promote something, either. The palace recently had to shut down a plastic surgeon's office using images of Kate Middleton to promote their botox procedures, as well.

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