How To Lose 30 Pounds in Two Months Eating What You Like

The first weekend of April I was at Walt Disney World sweating while just standing at a bus stop waiting to go to Magic Kingdom. I wasn’t moving. I was seriously just standing there feeling myself sweat bacon grease. A week later I was in New Orleans for WRESTLEMANIA looking to buy a shirt and realized LARGE is sooooo not my size anymore. When I got back I realized I did NOT like the way I felt. I was NOT happy with my physical appearance and I needed to make a change ASAP.  

That’s when I had my first meeting with Dr. Sam and dietary consultant Lisa. It was a relatively short meeting where they simply asked me about my health history and eating habits. My eating habits were pretty simple to understand:

I love food. I eat a lot of it. Oh. And I’m on a permanent period so I love chocolate. 

Obviously I needed to cut back on the chocolate if I wanted to shed the pounds BUT Dr. Sam and Lisa began breaking down how I can eat my favorite foods and lose the weight. They gave me a huge binder to look over and keep a food diary of everything I ate. If I wanted to lose weight, I needed to be honest with myself and make a change. So a change in my eating habits were made. Pretty simple changes too. 

“DON’T EAT SHIT”. Literally. That’s what I constantly reminded myself. 

A typical day saw me eating breakfast at 10am: 2 eggs omelet with a variation of pico de gallo, spinach, half a grilled chicken breast, grilled asparagus and/or red peppers. 

I’d eat every 3 hours so my first lunch around 1pm would consist of:

Grilled chicken breast with a variation of red peppers, grilled asparagus and practically any other green I wanted. 

4pm: Grilled chicken Caesar salad with no croutons or cheese and the dressing on the side. 

For Dinner I’d have anything from baked chicken breast to ground chicken fajitas to stuffed peppers. For the stuffed peppers I replaced the ground beef with ground chicken, rice with riced cauliflower, and held off on the cheese. 

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I kinda love grilled chicken. Not everyone can eat grilled chicken breast every single day (Hi Des). So you’d have to think of way of sprucing things up. That’s where ground chicken came into play. Think of anything you eat with ground beef: burgers, tacos, fajitas, etc. Simply replace the beef with ground chicken and avoid the carb overload like the soft taco shell, burrito wrap and rice. I found that lettuce wraps could be a great substitute. Non processed turkey breast also made for a solid chicken replacement. 

Dr. Sam also has a great tasting shake to use as a meal replacement in case you forget to pack a meal or are anything like me and just forget to eat. Set alarms on your phone. It’ll help. 

Before I knew it, the weight was coming off and coming off quickly. I practically shocked my body overnight because I ate like such crap for so long and BOOM. Healthier, cleaner eating. 

I didn’t do a 35 day long fast or 35 day long cleanse. There were some minor cleanse times along the way but that was only to “reset” my body. I didn’t wear a wrap 23 hours a day or have any evasive surgery. I lost weight with the help of Dr. Sam and Lisa guiding me toward making healthy choices when it came to choosing my foods. Healthy and delicious choices btw.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not where I ideally want to be but I think I’m down a pretty good path considering it’s only been about 2 months or so  

Hell, if you have more will power than I do, you can probably lose MORE weight than I did over the last couple months. Give it a shot. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you’re simply motivated. 

Hit up Dr. Sam:

Check out his site. He’s actually looking for about 20-30 people to give a FREE consultation to, just make sure you’re serious about the weight loss. 

In fact, if you hit them up, tell them that you heard about them through me—they may just hook you up because they’re my people. You’re my people. Let’s all just get in shape instead of being a shape. 


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