I Got Engaged Then Went To Disney World!

Photo: LisaGrissler.com

Photo: Lisa Grissler

After 7 years together, I got down on a knee and asked my Fiancé to marry me. It happened in a high rise Jersey City building last Saturday afternoon. It was an intimate event that only involved my Fiancé, the photographer and myself.

After she said "YES" and cried A LOT, we made our way down to a surprise celebration with our families together. We took a gang of photos & celebrated with those closest to us. What better way to celebrate a milestone than kicking it with family directly afterwards!?

The next day we jumped on a plane and flew to Disney World for the week.

Disney World was DOPE AF!! The longest we waited for anything was an hour at Splash Mountain. The lines were short, the COVID protocols were acceptable and we were happy to be in 90 degree weather. Well, I wasn't THAT happy since it was blazing hot outside and I am way too out of shape for all that walking. But you get my point.

Long story short: if you plan on proposing, do it a few days before going back to work. Don't nobody wanna get engaged at 3pm Tuesday then be at work 8am Wednesday. If you can really plan accordingly, do it before vacation. That way you can get free stuff at your vaca spot. LOL

The fancy, fun photos from the top are from Lisa Grissler.

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