TikTok Star Pleads NOT GUILTY In Double Murder After Wife & Pal Were Shot

TikTok star, Ali Abulaban aka JinnKid plead not guilty to a potential double murder charge.

Abulaban is a "TikTok celebrity" with close to 1,000,00 followers. @JinnKid pleaded not guilty to shooting & killing his wife and a man she was seen with last week.

According to reports, Ali placed a listening and tracking device in his daughter's tablet to stalk his wife. A law enforcement representative says Ali shot both his wife and a friend on October 21st then went to pick up his daughter from school while carrying the murder weapon.

His wife, Ana Abulaban kicked Ali out their home on October 18th.

According to a Police official, 3 days later Ali Abulaban snuck into their home and caused major damage while Ana was gone.

Later that day, Ali was listening to an app attached to the listening device on their kid's tablet when he allegedly heard his wife and a man talking. He reportedly hurried back to their home and committed the crimes.

Security footage shows him running out of the complex where the murders were committed.

During a press conference, an officer alleges "JinnKid" shot Rayburn Cardenas Barron three times then turned the gun to his wife and shot her in the head. "JinnKid" then called his mother and confessed.

His wife Ana Abulaban was 28 years old. The man shot has been identified as Rayburn Cadenas Barron, 29 years old.

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