Police May Patrol Dubai Streets Using Hoverbikes


In what is surely a sign that our anime-inspired dystopian future is creeping ever closer, Dubai Police have announced that they may soon be patrolling Dubai city streets using hoverbikes. 

Dubai police posted video of officers being trained to ride the Hoversurf's first production unit hoverbike after the department took delivery of the futuristic vehicle from the Watsonville, California based tech firm in October. 

Police there say they hope to begin deploying the hoverbikes, or eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles) by 2020. The hope is that officers will be able to access hard to reach places. 

Brigadier Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi, told CNN Dubai police were already training two crews to pilot the hoverbikes. 

"Currently we have two crews already training (to pilot the hoverbike) and we're increasing the number," Alrazooqi, the general director of Dubai Police's artificial intelligence department said. 


If you're in the market for a new way to cut down on your commute time, good news! Anyone can order the eVTOL bike from Hoversurf for a mere $150,000 (a $10,000 deposit is required for purchase). Hoversurf says they've even obtained approval for their hoverbikes from the Federal Aviation Administration. 

The hoverbikes can fly up to 16 feet above the ground and go around 60 mph. Flight is achieved with large electric ducted fans and propellers. The battery, made of lithium manganese nickel, allows the futuristic-looking cops to fly 10 to 25 minutes. A drone mode is also available, allowing the hoverbike to fly up to 40 minutes with no driver. 

While helicopters have been the closest thing humanity has had to a flying car, a vehicle that would fit right at home in a comic book movie appears to be headed for the mean streets of Dubai. It's hard not to wonder when we might see the ED-209 in action. 


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