Sol's Netflix 'Show of the Week'

I seriously have a Netflix n' Chill obsession. I gotta say Netflix has been on there 'A' game with shows & movies, which does not make my binge problem any easier.

My newest craze is dark comedy "Dead to Me", starring Christina Applegate & Linda Chardellini (yass the girl who played Velma in Scobby Doo). #Flashback. The show is funny and also thrilling...(my fave cup of tea) and also has some great characters and acting. I will say the first few episodes were way intense and its slowing down a tad now..hoping that it picks back up in the next few episodes. Still the theme and the story line are keeping me here till the end. So far there is only one season, however, it has been renewed for a second season.

Watch the trailer below and binge for yourself!



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