Sol's Reasons on why Kings Island=L I F E

King's Island has always been my happy place.....Like i remember the days when it was a Nickelodeon themed in the Kids Zone and that was literally the closest my mama was ever gonna let me get to Slime Zone. Over the years Kings Island has always been that perfect escape that's not too far from home but far enough to GTFO for a day of fun.

My reasoning on why i'm obsessed?!... Here are my top 5. Can you relate?


It's been 11 longgggg years. I have vague memories of feeling so cool driving one of these Antque cars as an 8 year old. The fact Kings Island brought back Antique Autos is the throwback vibe i didn't know i needed.

Check out my awesome (rollz eyes) driving skills!


B. L. U . E

I. C. E. C. R. E. A. M

Do i even need to elaborate? That stuff is my absolute jam. PS. try it with rainbow sprinkles if your feeling adventurous, it will change your life. #Smurficecreamforlife


This Saturday May 25th, Soak City Water park officially opens it's gates. Ready AF to kick off summer.

PLUS!! I will be broadcasting with Channel 999 THIS Friday from 10am-12n to kick off Soak City Excitement (& obvi give some rides a spin) Come kick it with us, sign up for some prizes and enjoy your start of this holiday weekend!

I just am always amazed that with admission you get like a 2 in one kinda deal. You can access the Amusement and Soak City Water Park with the same ticket. Win win situation boo. OH, and if your looking not have to walk all the way from the Park to Soak City i HIGHLY suggest taking the train that boards right by White Water Canyon. You'll thank me later, its so cute and you get to sit for a few min on a scenic and historical view of Kings Island.

NEW RESTAURANT: Miami Valley Brewhouse

The spread had my mouth watering all on types of levels. I wanted to try it allll...but we've got all summer for that.

Def check out the New Miami Valley Brew-house for all your hangry needs..and for my pals 21 + you've got to check out the selection on craft beers and specificity cocktails. (i'll stay here)

Kings Island & Channel 999 LOVES to hook you up!

We know you deserve a little treat in your life and that's why we want YOU to win tickets to visit Kings Island and Soak City Water Park for FREE!



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