Kylie Jenner shares a 'Day in the Life'

Kylie shares a 'Day in the Life"...I know what your thinking..haven't we been watching her life for over 16 seasons on KUWTK (&& how tf does a reality show get that many seasons)?

We totally have been, but when Kylie releases a 20 min 'Day in the life' video, were here for it. And as much as one think's they wont be caught dead watching the full 20 minutes, be prepared to not be able to look away.

From mornings with Stormi, collab meetings with Kendall and Kris, casual photo shoots & celebrity birthday parties...I've concluded that Kylie Jenner lives in another planet (and she looks damn good doing it)...her life is so unrelatable but I can't look away!!

YOU be the judge..peep the video below.



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