Sol camps out for Bonnaroo: Check out the experience!

Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival was the experience in my life that I did not know I needed!

Last weekend Bonnaroo took my "Music Festival Virginity" and I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Check out some of the photos

Camp in a tent for 4 days (no shower or bathroom) (actually pretty freeing)... CHECK

Listen to dope music... CHECK

AMAZING food & Drink Vendors... CHECK

Relax on a farm all weekend with nothing but good vibes and fun... CHECK

Survive & have the time of my life at Bonnaroo... CHECK

MY TOP faves from BonnaROO

1. BIG ASS WATER SLIDE (literally what it's called)

2. Getting to see Cardi B preform (DREAMS) ....and also got a free show (literally) when her cute af jumpsuit ripped right down the middle. She handled it so well, left the stage and came out killing it harder then ever to finish her and with a bathrobe...AND that is why I am freaking obsessed with her!

BONNAROO VIBE = on point

Never really experienced anything else like it. If you ever get a chance to camp & head to Bonnaroo you won't regret it! People watching was the best, the energy was amazing and above all the music was absolutely dope!

Click here to Access Bonnaroo Website! 2020 INFO coming SOON!

Click here to Access Bonnaroo Website! 2020 INFO coming SOON!

Interested in heading to the Farm for 2020!

Keep your eyes peeled for pre-sale and Line -up right HERE

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