Meet Sol's first puppy #JuicythePomsky

*Goes to Dayton Mall to look at cats and buys a PUPPY*

It was bound to happen eventually!

My man and I finally caved and adopted are newest addition...a PUPPY! wutttttt..Plot twist I have NEVER had a dog in my life.

So far, I am loving being a dog mom, even after realizing that my life now revolves around the dogs bathroom schedule. She's damn cute and that makes it all worth it. EVEN tho I cant get her to cuddle with me yet and even though she's a reckless hot mess, I would not trade her for the world!

Tell me why that is the ONLY time thus far that she has actually snuggled on the couch instead eating it!

Soooooo my cat Lutina (AKA queen on of the house) is NOT PLEASED with the current situation.

Believe when I say the vid. below is just a slight glimpse of the everyday barking, cat hissing and curious Juicy charging at old spoiled Lutina...ok guys, I have my hands full over here.


A message from Juicy:

Hey humans! Make sure to follow ME on INSTA! I mean, nothing like mom and dad exploiting me for there own personal pleasure @JUICYTHEPOMKSY


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