Kylie Jenner (finally) unfollows Jordyn Wood on Instagram


Video Courtesy of Nighty Pop on E!

OK..You know it's REAL when you get hit with the 'unfollow' button!

Kylie Jenner seems to have finally cut the cord on any lingering hopes of rekindling her relationship with childhood best friend Jordyn Woods after FINALLY hitting the 'unfollow' button on good ole' instagram. Sources have been saying for months that they were low key still in touch and working on patching things up after the scandal with Jordyn and Khloé kardashians 'baby Zaddy' (Tristian Thompson) earlier this year...but NAH! Jordyn hit strike two last weekend after TMZ captured Jordyn getting cozy with yet ANOTHER one of Khloé's ex's. (HMMMMM)

*Spills tea everywhere*

Would YOU forgive your bestie if she was caught hooking up with your sista's ex's?

OH HELL NAH, I would have given her the 'unfollow & block' the DAY the news broke with the Tristan scandal!


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