Good for the Sol: Yoga - TRY THIS

I wanted to share with you my absolute fave yoga practice right now! Its quick, refreshing and targets all the much needed areas in my body!

I always try to convince people of the benefits of yoga but truth is you will never fully understand until you develop your own practice and reap the benefits!

What I love about 'Yoga with Adriene' is she has a TON of free youtube yoga videos. Literally you could pick a new one for everyday of the month or stick with one theme and really let your body deeply experience the intention (that's what i am doing with the video below-- since my lower back is a HELLA hot mess)

Do me a favor and just TRY this video below - using your own pace and level. I promise if anything some peace of mind will at least kick in! if you like what your experiencing, take a scroll through her vids. on youtube and find what you love! #YogawithAdriene


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