Grab your Instant Pot- It's Time to Sanitize Your N95 Mask


It's no secret that masks get dirty! Cloth masks are def my preference for more casual or simple outings. However, for traveling and being around larger groups people, I like to have my N95 mask on deck.

They can be hard to TG there is actually a way to sanitize your N95 mask with a house hold item you probs have laying around your INSTANT POT. BOOM.

Here is a video from the Department of Homeland Security on how to sanitize your N95 properly with an instant pot. Hey, its worth a shot!

Here are some step by step directions:

To start, you'll put the water in the Instant Pot, then place the rack inside.With your gloves on, you'll want to put your N95 mask inside of the paper bag. You can nest up to three masks for sanitization at a time. Once the masks are secured in the bag, you should dispose of your gloves properly and close the paper bag with a stapler or paper clip. Then, you'll put the paper bag in the Instant Pot, making sure the rack is tall enough so the bag and mask doesn't touch the water and get wet.

You'll want to use the sous vide function on the Instant Pot, which doesn't use pressure.Once this function is selected, set the temperature to 149 degrees Fahrenheit on a 30-minute timer. After the time is up, it will take about one hour for the masks to dry and then they'll be ready for use again.

Remember: N95 masks are meant to be single-use, so this process should only be done if you have a mask shortage, and will work up to five separate times.After that, you should dispose of it and get a new mask to use to ensure safety, and of course, give your Instant Pot a proper clean before using it for any cooking.

Source: The HookUP Good Parts Media